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Maintenance & Electrical Testing

SI Testing is a full-service electrical testing company, and as such, we strive to guarantee all our customers peace of mind through our experience and proficiency on the job. We are dedicated to making sure our customers are on-line and operational when they need to be.


Our expert technicians will analyze, test, and maintain your electrical power system, offering solutions for any encountered problems. Additionally, we are more than willing to assist in developing your electrical maintenance program and offer suggestions to better schedule future tests of your electrical system.


For your convenience, we have outlined the guidelines from NETA MTS, NEMA, and NFPA regarding the frequency your equipment needs to be serviced and maintained.

Electrical Testing

Annual Testing and Servicing

  • Infrared inspection of the electrical system

  • Servicing ATS switches and KVAR management cabinets

2-Year Testing and Servicing

  • Primary injection testing of the generator and emergency feeder breakers to verify the breaker function and overload protection


3-Year Testing and Servicing

  • GFI testing & recertification

  • Secondary injection testing of breakers trip unit

  • Servicing of main switches to ensure proper operations

  • Servicing of main switchboards and distribution boards to ensure connections are clean, tight, and secure

  • Bus riser inspection and torque verification

  • Servicing motor control center to ensure connections are clean, tight, and secure

5-Year Testing and Servicing

  • 5 year arc flash study review

  • Primary injection testing of main breakers to verify for proper tripping

  • Servicing breaker panels and transformers to ensure connections are clean, tight, and secure

All testing and servicing is based on the industry standards established by NETA and NFPA 110.

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