Why Do I Need An Infrared Inspection?

Infrared inspections, also known as thermographic surveys, are an inexpensive way to inspect an electrical system both visually and thermally to identify existing problems, potential problems, and necessary electrical maintenance. Annual inspections allow engineers, managers and building owners to be proactive in maintaining the reliability and integrity of their property’s electrical system.


A thorough infrared inspection requires the electrical covers to be removed, the internal components to be inspected and scanned, documentation to be recorded if any issues are found, and the covers to be reinstalled properly.


The inspection does not require the power to the building to be turned off, so it will not cause any disruptions for your clients. A full-color report will be provided upon completion of the survey to detail all equipment inspected as well as all items needing repair or requiring maintenance.

What Can Infrared Be Used For?

Thermographic Imaging can perceive things that elude our naked eye. Whether it is hot or cold, inside or outdoors, infrared scanning can be used to assist you in multiple ways.


Electrical Systems - By scheduling an Infrared Inspection of your system, we are able to identify problem areas that will require maintenance before they cause damage to your equipment.

Roof Systems - The beauty of infrared thermography is that it will also detect the temperature differences in an ambient environment. The scan does not exactly have to be performed on a solid surface. The reasons for this get a bit more technical, but the results are the same. This thermal imaging can even detect and identify potential leaks and areas that have trapped moisture.

Water Damage - While water can definitely leave visual indications of damage, it is often best to uncover the cause before major damage is done. An infrared scan can be an early indicator of a leak, or tell you the hidden extent of damage once a visual indicator appears.

HVAC Systems - Ventilation systems benefit tremendously from infrared scanning. Air and water, both being fluids, behave similarly. Imagine there is a large hole in your garden hose. How much water do you think would reach the end of the hose? How much less would reach the end if you had multiple holes in the same hose? Identify leaks within your duct system and meet Title 24 requirements.

Why Use SI Testing For Infrared Inspections?

The company was founded by David Sincock, an established industry leader in infrared scanning and electrical maintenance. His career began in the late 1980’s at BEST Infrared Services, where he was an instrumental developer in the company, providing decades of service to customers across the nation. 


When creating SI Testing, David made it a cornerstone of his business to continue providing the industry with technicians that can reliably understand your electrical system. Each employee goes through a specific apprenticeship to become proficient in electrical systems, infrared scanning, electrical testing and maintenance, and electrical safety.


It is SI Testing’s mission to provide you with the most qualified technicians to inspect and identify exactly what attention your building’s electrical system needs. Each technician will always provide a report detailing the exact action needed to maintain the integrity and reliability of your electrical system.

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