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Automatic Transfer Switch
electrical maintenance
Infrared Thermography Study
Arc Flash Study
Power Quality Study

Automatic Transfer Switches and other Emergency Systems need to be tested tested and serviced at regular intervals to ensure their reliability. There are guidelines provided by NETA MTS, NEMA, and NFPA that suggest which systems need to be serviced and at what frequency the maintenance should occur.

ATS, Emergency Systems, Generator breaker, Emergency main breaker, Lighting inverter

SI Testing is a full-service electrical testing and maintenance company. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers are on-line and operational when they need to be.

Preventive Maintenance Program, GFI testing and recertification, Motor Control Center, Main Switchboards, Distribution Boards, Bus Riser Torque Verification

Infrared Scanning is an inexpensive and non-invasive way to visually and thermally assess your electrical equipment.

Thermographic Imaging, Infrared Scanning, Electrical System Survey, Roof System Survey, Building Envelope Survey, HVAC Survey, Water Damage

An Arc Flash Study will identify risks within your system, generate arc flash stickers to inform personnel of the dangers within their maintenance zone, and ensure your property remains compliant with NFPA 70E.

Data Collection, Engineering Analysis, NFPA 70E, Arc Flash Mitigation, Arc Flash Safety Training

A Power Quality Study is a powerful tool used to identify power anomalies and power consumption within an electrical system.

Power Quality, Power Consumption, Cost Assessment, Load Balancing

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