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Power Quality Studies

A Power Quality Study is a powerful tool that can be used to identify issues in power consumption within your electrical system.

You can utilize Power Quality Monitoring to answer the following questions:

  • How much power are we using?

  • How clean is the power we are using?

  • What is causing us to go in to peak rates?

  • What is causing my breaker or equipment to trip?

  • Do I have room to add more circuits to a panel?

  • Can I identify areas in my electrical system where I can reduce my monthly costs?

There are many things that a power quality study will check for. By monitoring your system's normal behavior during weekends or at night, we gather information that allows us to understand where your system is performing undesirably.


For instance, if we find that one of your circuits is overloaded, we might look into redistributing the load or changing the cable size as a possible solution. If you experience current spikes, you may have motors that are causing more current to be pulled into the system.

Harmonics are undesired frequencies that can interfere with your equipment and cause Power Factor issues. This is where the power quality study will really pay off. By improving your power factor, the ratio of power delivered by the utility vs. the power you actually use, you will save money and improve the efficiency of your system.

So if you think you're paying for power that you're not using, or if you're getting penalized by drawing more power than you are using, we can help! 

Power Quality Study
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