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Establish a Solid Preventive Maintenance Plan: Electrical Maintenance (Part 1)

Electrical Inspection

Start 2018 With A Plan

Establishing a program for routine electrical maintenance is vital for all property managers. If your building has ever lost power or you have experienced costly damage to equipment, then you may already be familiar with the effects of a negligent maintenance program. While infrequent or improper maintenance is not the only cause of electrical failure and equipment damage, it is the most likely culprit.

Your staff may be well trained and familiar with the equipment they maintain and operate, but by scheduling your maintenance and electrical testing with personnel qualified for the task, you are more likely to predict and prevent potentially hazardous working conditions and costly outages.

The smooth operation of equipment at your facilities is an obvious benefit of regular electrical inspections and maintenance. However, if your program leads to an environment where electrical hazards are understood, identified with arc flash stickers, and your staff has the knowledge to perform their work safely, you will generate more value for yourself and staff the longer these programs are in place.

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